CKT-240TSD Engine

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A 4 cylinder horizontally opposed diesel engine with 4 valves per cylinder, Water cooled, fitted with turbocharger, Supercharger, intercoolers and FADEC engine management with single power control lever. This engine has been developed with economy in mind and will be a major breakthrough for pilots looking for a high performance engine that delivers savings both in cost and consumption of fuel.




                           At 100%      Maximum       Fast       Economy      Maximum                           

                                 take off       continuous    cruise       cruise        endurance


POWER                     240 hp           210 hp            180 hp      160 hp              140 hp





The weight is equivalent to a typical lycoming  0-360 engine. (final weght to be advised)


OPERATING COSTS  Compared with Avgas fuelled engines, diesel fuel savings of 40 – 45% by volume can be made, and diesel fuel costs approximately 50% of Avgas depending on location. Cruise flight at 160hp consumes 24 litres/hour (6.3 US gallons/hour).


ENGINE PACKAGE  A full firewall forward assembly complete with engine mounting frame, propeller and pitch controller.


APPLICATIONS  The engine is suitable for Glasair I, II, III and Sportsman.  Vans 7,8.10,14. Lancair Legacy, Backcountry Super Cub as well as all experimental aircraft suited to Lycoming 4 engines.


FUEL  This modern diesel engine can be fuelled by diesel fuel, Jet A1 or Gasoil.